How to Register?

Well, Hello there, You’re already here! On the top right-hand corner of the page, Click on Login/Sign UP, enter the details required and click on Register. It’s FREE! What are you waiting for? Hop on and collect your treats!

Is it necessary to have an account to buy a treat?

Oh YES! Just Register for FREE and gain access to a whole new world of treats!

Where can I see my profile on the website?

On the top right-hand corner of the page, there is an icon that will show you a link to your profile. Click on it to access your profile and update information when you feel like it.

What can I do with my profile?

You can see all your orders, reward points earned, update your profile information, picture, change your password and manage your address for delivery


What are treats?

Each treat is a daily deal that provides services at an affordable price. Do you guys remember the last time you went to a great restaurant, saw some superb mouthwatering dishes in the menu and you went in to Mmmmm land? But then, that dreaded column on the right made you fall back into reality. Ouch! Or remember the last time you settled to grooming yourself at home coz it's the end of the month and your favorite parlor treatment costs more than what is in your bank account currently? Or that time you broke your back cleaning your house or your car just to save a few extra bucks? Trust us, we've been there too, which is why we wanted to come up with a platform which will make all these problems disappear. Hence, the rise of a new savvy, & smart way to treat yourself without feeling guilty

How do I choose?

We’ve got you spoilt for choice with great treats coming your way every day! Go through each treat carefully - options best suited for you, description of the service, terms and conditions of the treat, the service provider info and choose your favorite treat from our online market!

How do I buy a Treat?

Navigation through the website couldn’t get easier than what we have. Click on the treat that catches your eye, selecting the quantity in the options tab will fill your cart on the right-hand side and click on get treat, proceed to the payment page, choose your payment method and Pay. You will be redirected back to our website once the payment is successful.

How can I send feedback/complain about any service/product?

Wanna say hello or send in your suggestions or reviews of any treats? Send us an email: hello@dohatreats.com and we’ll help you out if there is anything we can do to add your happiness to our cart! If you don't hear back from us within 48hours of sending us an email, contact us on 4477 2855 | 5043 7333 to speak with our Customer Experience Team.

I got my Treat, what next?

What are you waiting for? Now that you’ve clicked for happiness, call the service provider of the treat, fix an appointment or make a reservation and visit them to TREAT YOURSELF, Family & Friends!

What do I look out for? What are T&C?

The terms & conditions of each Treat are specified on every Treat page. These act as your guidelines for enjoying the Treat. Stick to these and you’re good to GO!

How to find purchased Treats in my account?

You can find your Treats by heading to your profile - MY Orders on the website or mobile app (coming soon). Not fully satisfied with the ones you have? Explore more treats to take away on the website: https://www.dohatreats.com

Payment Works

How can I purchase Treats?

You can purchase your favorite Treats using your Credit/Debit Card, PayPal accounts or through cash deposits made to your account directly. For cash deposits, just walk into our office and request for a cash deposit. The amount will be available for your website purchases within a maximum period of 24hrs. All transactions with regards to using card and cash will be payable in Qatari Riyals only.

When will I get the refund?

Refunds will be initiated after you’ve had your chat with us. The refund amount is expected to reflect in the customer account within the following timelines: • Debit/Credit Card - 1 to 3 days post refund initiation • Store Credit - 1 Day • Online Refund – 5 to 7 days post refund initiation, depending on your bank partner

When do purchased Vouchers expire?

Each treat will have a specific voucher expiration date listed in the Terms & Conditions tab of the Treat. We encourage you to read through every detail on the Treat page before you choose to purchase the Treat.

How do I cancel the treat?

In case of wrong purchases (or impulse purchases in most cases!), you can send a request to hello@dohatreats.com and the customer service team will help you with your request.

How can I get a refund?

A: Changed your mind just after purchasing the treat? Send us an email with your order details and our customer care will get in touch with you as soon as possible and have a chat with you about your situation. We will try our level best to sort you out. Services once used cannot be refunded.

My Wallet

What happens to my DohaTreats Wallet Money /Reward points if I uninstall the DohaTreats Mobile App?

Your DohaTreats account is still active. You may re-install the DohaTreats App or login on the DohaTreats Website to access your account.

What happens to my DohaTreats Wallet money/reward points if I am not able to access my DohaTreats Account?

Your DohaTreats account will still be active, you may reset your DohaTreats Account password or send an email to customer care requesting for help to gain access to your DohaTreats Account.

What Payment Methods can I use to top up my DohaTreats Wallet?

You can deposit in three ways: 1. Deposit cash into your DT wallet by visiting our office during our working hours (https://www.dohatreates.com/contact_us) 2. Bank Deposit (enter bank account details) 3. Electronic Funds Transfer - (add our bank details info)

Can I transfer my DohaTreats rewards to another DohaTreats Account?

DohaTreats Wallet money or reward points cannot be transferred to other DohaTreats users accounts. It can also not be used to pay for purchases being made by other DohaTreats Account users.

How much money can I add in my DohaTreats Wallet?

You may add money of value up to QR10,000, after that you may still receive your refunds to DohaTreats Wallet, but you shall not be able to top-up it further.

Can I redeem DohaTreats Wallet Money to Cash?

You may not redeem DohaTreats Credit for Cash. DohaTreats Wallet Money is also not allowed to be transferred to Bank, Wallets or other users accounts.

Can I buy items on other e-commerce websites with DohaTreats Wallet Money?

DohaTreats wallet Money can only be used to purchase products/services on DohaTreats App or Website. It cannot be used to purchase or pay for anything on other e-commerce websites/apps.

How do I check balance in my DohaTreats Wallet?

You need to sign-in your Account on the DohaTreats App or Website and go to your profile. In the display page of your profile, you will be able to see the DohaTreats Wallet balance on the left hand side of the page.

Is there any minimum amount to be maintained in DohaTreats Account?

There is no minimum amount to keep in your wallet.

How do I use DohaTreats Wallet to buy items on DohaTreats App/Website?

You shall be able to use DohaTreats Credit as a Payment method available at the checkout.

What happens to my DohaTreats Wallet Money/Reward points if I don’t use DohaTreats App for over 1 year?

Please note that collection of reward points comes with an expiry time, at which a part or full amount from your DohaTreats reward points will expire. The user shall be sent a reminder about the expiry of the DohaTreats reward points earned one month in advance, by an email to their registered email id.

What happens if someone uses the wallet money from my DohaTreats account without my permission?

You need to protect your DohaTreats Account. If someone gets unauthorized access to your DohaTreats Account, they may use your DohaTreats Credit to purchase products/services at DohaTreats on your behalf without your knowledge. DohaTreats will not be held responsible for any unauthorized access on the registered user’s behalf.

What happens if I return the Items which I have bought with DohaTreats Wallet?

The refunded amount of these returned items shall be added to your DohaTreats Wallet.

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