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Vegan Cooking Online Course
Pay QR49 instead of QR400


  • In this course, Chef Cynthia Louise shows you how easy it is to eat vegan, whole food! From morning shakes to afternoon snacks, these fresh, easy recipes will fuel you completely.
  • Chef Cynthia Louise is here to help you change your relationship with food for good.
  • This is not a quick fix or a 2-week crash diet, this is a lifestyle change.
  • She shows you step-by-step on video how to create healthy whole food meals with smack you in the face flavor and accessible ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen.

During this course you’ll learn how to:

  • prepare delicious whole food recipes that your family + friends will love
  • use fresh ingredients that you can find at your local supermarket (no running to multiple health food stores or ordering an exotic item online)
  • make simple ingredient substitutions to cater to dietary requirements
  • ditch refined sugar and how to use natural sweeteners like maple syrup and fruit
  • save time with simple kitchen tips and tricks
  • understand how each meal is nourishing you
  • cook consciously and bring more energy to your meals
  • store leftovers to keep it for longer
  • use new flavour combinations from around the world
  • heal your health with a simple and delicious wholefood lifestyle
  • Voucher validity: January 23 to March 23, 2021
  • Redemption period: 2 months from deal’s start date
  • One voucher per person
  • Vouchers not redeemed by March 22, 2021, will NOT be refunded
  • From the moment you start your course, you’ll have 45 days to complete it; you can get an extension if you need more time
  • A free PDF certificate confirming completion will be issued by Trendimi at the end of the course
  • In order to be eligible for the certificate, you need to successfully complete the course and pass each course module
  • You can also request an internationally recognized certificate issued by an independent accreditation body – International Council for Online Educational Standards; this certificate will be issued in hard copy only and will be posted to your address (certificate fee applies)
  • For information/inquiries, visit: https://trendimi.com/Vegan-Cooking or write to HTTPS://TRENDIMI.COM/CONTACT-US
  • Internet access and audio required
  • Not valid with other offers
  • No cash value/No cash back/No refunds

How to Redeem: 
To activate your voucher and assign your course:

  1. Go to https://trendimi.com/vouchers
  2. Login/Register to an account
  3. Choose purchased course
  4. Enter voucher code
  5. Click on VALIDATE
  6. Fill in the required information




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The courses are structured into clearly defined topics, contain detailed written instruction with illustrations and you can see techniques in action in the closeup videos.

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Vegan Cooking Online Course!!

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