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Home Science Experiments for Kids
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Children are curious and love seeing how things work. What's even better is doing stuff for themselves. Especially when it's fun, exciting, and a little crazy. And this online course has 50 madcap science experiments for kids at home. 

  • Hands up if you want to make a volcano erupt, produce electric slime, or make a hot-air balloon fly using your toaster! Find out how in these 50 home science experiments.
  • Kids will feel like a wizard at Hogwarts as they use household objects and kitchen appliances to recreate mind-blowing experiments.
  • They will feel like the next best thing to Harry Potter as they get to:
  • Discover how an invisibility cloak works
  • Make cardboard tubes fly
  • Write messages in invisible ink
  • Fly a hot-air balloon powered by the toaster
  • Make a volcano - and it erupts in the garden
  • Make (and eat) scrumptious fizzy candy
  • Produce electric slime


For each of the home science experiments:

  • First comes the fun stuff - carrying out the experiment for themselves and watching in amazement as magic seemingly happens before their eyes
  • Next, they'll want to know why it happens. Following each experiment, there is an explanation of why it works
  • Finally, they get to see how it applies in real life. They get to relate their home science experiments with what goes on in the world
  • At home, science experiments for kids are so entertaining that they'll want to do them again and again.
  • As well as sparking their interest in science, you're turning their attention off-screen time. And that's got to be a formula for success
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Home Science Experiments for Kids !!!

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