Pay QR20 instead of QR30


Pay QR30 instead of QR45


Pay QR40 instead of QR60


Pay QR55 instead of QR90


Pay QR65 instead of QR100


Pay QR199 instead of QR320

Option 1: Car Care Kit - A - Air Freshener(hanging) + Air Freshener(Spray) + Dashboard Wipes
Pay QR20 instead of QR30


K2 Vinci Car Air Freshener  - Can be freely hung around the rearview mirror for a great smell.

K2 Misty Car Freshener - Perfume-based air freshener with convenient trigger spray which neutralizes unpleasant smells.


Option 2: Car Care Kit B - Cockpit Spray + Glass Cleaner + Microfiber Cloth
Pay QR30 instead of QR45


K2 Perfect Cockpit Spray - Nanomolecules restore the true color and shine of the car dashboard. Protects against dirs and dust Recommended for plastic, rubber, and furniture to refresh the interior of the car with a unique composition of fragrances.

K2 Perfect Nuta Glass Cleaner -  Highly effective cleaning foam for car windows, glasses,mirrors and plastic. Removes dust grease, road grime, and nicotine sediments.

K2 Moli Microfiber Cloth Quick-Dry cloth for cars and other surfaces, without squeezing, Safe on paint. Leaves no scratches or streaks. Super durable and reusable.


Option 3: Car Care Kit C - Active Foam Shampoo + Synthetic Chamois + Microfiber Towel + Double-Sided Sponge
Pay QR40 instead of QR60 


K2 Pro Active Foam Shampoo - Perfect for washing all kinds of surfaces including plastic and lacquer. 1 Kg Bottle. 

K2 Pro Synthetic Chamois - Absorbs dirt and grime from the surface of a car. Cleans and dries both paint and windshields very fast. Size: 66cm X 43cm


Option 4: Car Care Kit D -Tire Doktor + Venox Scratch Remover
Pay QR55 instead of QR90 


K2 Bono Tire Doktor - Quickly and effectively seals and inflates punctured tires. Acts as a temporary repair without disassembly and tools. The products contain aerosol, which inflates the tire and unique latex formula to seal the hole. suitable for tires up to 14 inches. 

K2 Gold Venox Scratch Remover - With innovative milk formula to restore high mileage paint and gloss, this product actually removes scratches, rather than filling them in to reveal a flawless appearance. 


Option 5: Car Care Kit E - Spectrum Wax + Sigma Tire Gel + Roton Wheel Cleaner
Pay QR65 instead of QR100


K2 Gold Spectrum 2 in 1 Quick Detailer & Liquid Wax - Created using the latest technology, with minimal effort, you will be able to wax your car to a deep, reflective shine. it can be polished easily and leaves no white marks behind. Ideal for all types of paintwork, even on heated surfaces. perfectly suited for refinishing of plastics, headlights, dashboards, chrome and rubber parts, tyres, leather, and windscreens. It can be used for household and office appliances to protect furniture, windows, plastics, LCD screens, glasses and more. 

K2 Gold Sigma Tyre Gel - Outstanding tyre dressing gel for tyre glossing and restoration, withstands even the most extreme weather conditions. Its unique formulation stops rubber from turning brown and enables to create a high gloss, long-lasting wet tyre finish. Also suitable for preserving of gaskets and various plastic parts. 

K2 Gold Roton Wheel Cleaner - Highly effective wheel cleaner to remove stubborn residues including sludge from brake pads and dirt road from steels, aluminum, chrome-plated and painted wheels. It spectacularly penetrates and removes all kinds of dirt with no risk of scratching the surface. Safe on all types of rims. 


Option 6: K2 Complete Car Care Kit F
Pay QR199 instead of QR320

This option includes: 

  • Air Freshener - Hanging
  • Air Freshener - Spray 
  • Cockpit Spray
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Synthetic Chamois
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Double-sided Sponge
  • Active Foam Shampoo
  • Spectrum Wax
  • Roton Wheel Cleaner
  • Sigma Tire Gel
  • Venox Scratch Remover
  • Tire Doktor
  • Purchased items can be collected from our office or delivered to your specified address
  • Last date for collection of items: 24 April 2021
  • Items not collected/received by 24 April 2021 will be forfeited and no refund will be given.
  • Your items will be available for collection/delivery 2 days after purchase 
  • No cash value/No cash back/No refunds
  • Please inspect your purchased items immediately; items can be exchanged/returned within a period of 7 days from purchase in the only with receipt of purchase
  • Pick-up: Drive down to the Dohatreats.com office during our working hours of Sun – Thu: 10am – 5pm; Office location: Dohatreats.com Office Map
  • Delivery: We will contact you once your order is packed & ready for delivery; generally within 2 days of the purchase.

NOTE: Delivery service is applicable within Doha City limits Only and excludes areas such as Wakrah, Wukair, Mesaieed, Dukhan, Al Khor, Shahinya, Umm Salal, and others. For confirmation, Contact US.


*Option 6: includes: Air Freshener - Hanging, Air Freshener - Spray, Cockpit Spray, Glass Cleaner, Synthetic Chamois, Microfiber Towel, Double-sided Sponge, Active Foam Shampoo, Spectrum Wax, Roton Wheel Cleaner, Sigma Tire Gel, Venox Scratch Remover, Tire Doktor.

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